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In November Dial Books are publishing a picture book named Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender. As part of the Penguin Group, Dial books want to bring Elvis to a new generation, their titles are targeted to readers from two-years-old to teenagers. The book will be illustrated by Stephanie Graegin and includes an endnote by Priscilla Presley.

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Elvis Movies

This week it was announced that Elvis’s famous manager Colonel Tom Parker is to be the subject of a feature film which goes into production next year.
The screenplay is based on the brilliant book by Alanna Nash: The Colonel: The Extraordinary Story of Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis Presley.

This production brings together Academy Award nominee Joe Berlinger, Spencer Proffer and Steve Binder who produced and directed Elvis’ 68 TV Comeback.
The film promises a dark edge, from a young man leaving Holland under suspicious circumstances, leading onto his carnival days as the Colonel, then to a music promoter that ultimately managed the World Greatest music star.
The real story they say, has never been told! Until now.

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Elvis Trivia

40 years ago today Elvis gave his very last last concert performance at the Indianapolis Market Square Arena. This wasn’t planned as his last. Elvis was due to go back on tour on August 17th, but died at home in Graceland the day before. His last concert had a mixed reaction from by the press, but fans always say this was one of his strongest performances. This was the last show in a 10-day tour, where he performed to over 116,000 fans, ending at the Indianapolis, on June 26th 1977, where dressed in his Mexican Sundial Suit, Elvis performed to

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This year we’ve been looking back over 60 years to when Elvis first bought Graceland in 1957. Elvis bought the house in March and in April he had the famous music gates installed. Well, 60 years ago this week Elvis had his famous kidney shaped swimming pool installed, which you see on many home movies.

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Elvis Books

New Elvis books this summer, Elvis at Madison Square Garden by Pål Granlund who was there in June 1972 and met Elvis, plus three new books from the Graceland Archives.

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Elvis Shows

Elvis in Concert is to return to the UK for a second tour in November. After last years sell-out arena tour and the upcoming 10-date European Tour this May, there has been a huge appetite to see Elvis return with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. The tour is based on the two best-selling album, If I Can Dream and The Wonder Of You which used archive recordings of the Elvis’s voice alongside new arrangements from the Royal Philharmonic So, tickets are now on sale for a six city tour, this November. Once again Priscilla Presley will also be making a

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