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50 years ago – Elvis Bought The Circle G Range

50 years ago this week, in February 1967, Elvis purchased a 160-acre ranch just outside Memphis that he named The Circle G.

This was an impromptu purchase for Elvis. You know what its like, you pop out to buy a few horses and come back with a $437 thousand-dollar ranch.

Elvis’s purchased was inspired by the giant white cross he saw overlooking the lake, and he spent the next few weeks playing cowboy buying more horses, trailers for all his buddies who joined him at the ranch

When you look back at photos, these were happy times for Elvis and Priscilla, as they were married just a few months after in May 1967 and spent a lot of time at the Circle G as newlyweds.

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Photo: History on Horseback
Interview with Lesley Pilling, who campaigned to restore the Ranch
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