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A Star is Born – What if?

Elvis fans all like to wonder What If.  One of these we all like to debate is ‘What If Elvis did appear in the movie A Star is Born?’

Now its 40 years since Barbara Streisand visited Elvis in his dressing room in Las Vegas and offered him a co-starring role in this film.

They say that Elvis was keen to appear in A Star is Born but the colonel was not.  So a few days later when Streisand’s production company made an offer of $500,000 Colonel Tom Parker sent back a counter offer of one million, plus expenses and royalties.

Those close to Elvis say that he was really keen to appear in the film, but others are of the opinion that Elvis had second thoughts and was nervous about playing the role of a rockstar on a downward spiral.

Needless to say, Colonels deal was not accepted and Kris Kristopherson went on to appear in the role of John Norman Howard and won a golden globe for his performance among countless other awards.

But Elvis fans will always wonder – what if.

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