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Extra guest for Red West weekend

If you are visiting Graceland Randers next month to meet Red West. Another special guest has been announced.

German teenager Claus-Kurt Ilge was just 16-years-old when Elvis was sent to Germany with the US Army. As a huge fan of Elvis, Claus soon began hanging around Elvis’s home in Bad Nauheim and also became good friends with Elvis.
He updated Elvis with all the news from German press and even got to take a ride in Elvis’s Mercedes.

Claus took many photographs at the time, so it will be a real treat to see him at Graceland Randers. Red West was also in Germany with Elvis too, so Red and Claus can have a bit of a catch up.

Red West will be visiting Graceland Randers on July 18th. It promises to be a great weekend.

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Meet Red West, July 18th at Graceland Randers


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