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Marty Lacker has died

Elvis’s close friend Marty Lacker died on February  aged 80.

Marty first met Elvis at Humes High School, where both of them were known as snappy dressers. They both went their separate ways after school but hooked up again when Marty returned to Memphis after leaving the army in 1957.

Marty soon became a member of Elvis’s inner circle and was at one time he was foreman of Elvis’ Memphis Mafia. In May 1967, together with Joe Esposito, Marty was joint bestman at Elvis’s wedding to Priscilla.

Julie-yeardye-marty-lackerBut Marty didn’t only work for Elvis in that time, Marty was also in the music business and is credited for convincing Elvis to record with producer Chips Moman at American Studios in Memphis, where in January 1969, Elvis recorded some of the finest tracks in his career including the hit singles Suspicious Minds and In the Ghetto.

I first met Marty 21 years ago in Memphis and we stayed in touch over the years. When I last saw him a couple of years ago, he gave one of his very honest talks to a group from England I was travelling with. Hearing that Marty was nearby a couple of the Memphis Boys, the legendary house band at American Studios popped by to see Marty and catch up about the good old days – back with Elvis and Chips at American Sound.

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