Top Ten – Women in Elvis Presley’s Life

Elvis had many loves in his life, from high school sweethearts to actresses, co stars and a beauty queen, although he only married once.
Here is a list of the top loves in Elvis’s Life

Dixie Lock
Elvis dated Dixie Locke from the 1953 – 1955. they both attended the same church, The First Assembly of God, but officially met at the Memphis Rainbow Rollerdome. Elvis took Dixie home to meet the Presley’s, they attended shows at the Ellis Audioruium and May 1955, Elvis was pictured accoumpanying in Dixie Locke and Elvis Presley at her junior prom. Although they contibued dating until 1955, when Elvis found fame with That’s Alright in 1954, the two started to drift aprt.

Barbara Hearn
When you look back at 1956 and see Elvis’ rise to fame, Elvis was photographed by New York photograher Alfred Wertheimer and you’ll see Barbara at home with Elvis. Those shots are now iconic, Elvis at his newky bought Audubon Drive home realaxing with his friends, family and his girlfriend Barbara Hearn.
By the end of the summer, Elvis

Anita Wood
Dotty Harmony
Priscilla Presley
Ann Margret
Linda Thompson
Ginger Alden

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